Brighton Pier,
East Sussex,
BN2 1EE.




Free admission, but you have to buy tokens for the rides.


Rides, Cafes, Toilets.

How to get there:

Catch any bus down to the Old Steine and walk towards the beach.

Extra Info:

Work began on the Palace Pier in 1891 and it opened in May 1899 after costing a record £137,000 to build. This was Brighton's third pier. A condition to be met by its builders, in exchange for permission to build, was that the first, The Royal Suspension Chain Pier of 1823, which had fallen into a state of disrepair, was to be demolished. They were saved this task by a storm which largely destroyed the Chain Pier. A concert hall opened two years later, and by 1911 this had become a theatre. In 1986 the theatre was removed, under an understanding that it would be replaced. This has not happened, and the present seaward end building looks fairly modern in comparison with the rest of the structure, supporting a domed amusement arcade and several fairground rides, including several thrill rides, children's rides, roller coasters and a log flume.