157 5775Fun in Action recruits, assesses and trains befrienders who are then matched with a particular child. The befriender pledges to see the child regularly, 3-4 hours fortnightly or weekly, over a 2-year period (with older children we are able to consider a 1 year commitment).

The children are aged between 4 and 16 and generally live in lone parent families throughout Brighton and Hove. They are referred either by parents or by local statutory and voluntary agencies. The reasons for referral vary. A child may be having difficulties at school, may be being bullied or lack confidence. There may be extra demands on the parent’s time because of family illness or disability or mental health problems.

A child benefits principally from having an additional 'special person' in their lives - a person who can offer them a secure place in their affections, who is able to 'be there' for the child over a long period of time and upon whom the child can rely for additional guidance and support. The parent also benefits from a much needed break and having someone to talk with about the child’s problems.

What do volunteers get out of befriending?

  • 'the chance to put something back into society'
  • 'the opportunity to help a child grow up well'
  • 'the chance to put to use all those skills I gained while raising my own children'
  • 'the chance to be silly and have some fun'
  • 'the opportunity to play an active part in the local community'


To make the first step towards becoming a befriender, download the Befriender Pack here.

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