If you would like to refer a child, please download and print off the pdf Parents and Agency referral form (253 KB)  and forward it to the address on the contact page. If you are uncertain and would like some more information please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the matter in more detail with you.


Before making a referral, please:

Take time to think about what it might mean for a child to have a befriender. If you are a parent referring your own child you will need to discuss the possibility as a family and be sure your child would enjoy going out with another adult. You might also need to consider how this would effect his/her relationships with brother and sisters and how you as his parent would feel about him/her having another caring adult in his life.

If you are an agency wishing to make a referral you need to be sure the child’s parent is fully on board and can see the benefits of a child having regular time with another adult. You should also have spoken directly to the child about the possibility of having a befriender. It is desirable that the referral form is completed jointly by the agency and the parent working together.

Where there is uncertainty, family members are welcome to join us at one of our community group events before making a commitment to join the service. Please give us a call if you would like to know more about this.


Please remember:
  • The child's or young person's views should always be considered before making a referral.
  • The family needs to be relatively stable.
  • If you are a two-parent family sharing the care then both parents must agree to have a befriender for their child/young person. (Note: we are only able to accept referrals from 2 parent families where there is a pressing need)
  • As a parent you need to be reasonably reliable about keeping appointments.
  • The difficulties presented by the child and young person should not be so great as to overwhelm a befriender.
  • The child needs to be between 4 to 16 years and ‘available’ enough emotionally to be able to make a relationship.
  • There should no history of violence in the family that would constitute a danger to the befriender.
  • Befriending normally takes place at the weekends. Please ensure this would fit in with family arrangements.

If you are a parent you can download the pdf Information for parents (313 KB)  and read more by clicking here.


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