Peter Pan Playground,
Beach House Park,
Brighton Road,
West Sussex,
BN11 2EJ.
tel: 07808 100396,35747,en.html


Up to age 10.


Entrance is £5.50 per child for whole day play / Adults 70p including free tea or coffee.


Peter Pan's Playground is small, fully-enclosed adventure playground with slides, water spouts, and climbing apparatus suitable for small children. There is also an open air cafe, Grace's Place.

How to get there:

It is immediately to the east of the Yellowave Beach Sports venue and also has it's own train stop on the Volks Electric Railway line, officially called Half Way Station, but often referred to as Peter Pan's.

Extra Info:

In Madeira Drive before the war there was a pierrot show. The rest of the site was a bowling green.  After the war it became Peter Pan's playground. It was run by the Maxwells, who had many playgrounds throughout the country. John Maxwell was a great friend of J.M.Barrie and that's why Barrie allowed him to call his playground Peter Pan's Playground.

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