Stoke Abbot Road,
BN11 1HE
01903 231117


Toddlers to 11 year olds.


£2.50 for walking babies up to 2 Years Old
£4.00 for 3 - 4 Year Olds
£4.50 for 5 - 11 Year Olds
£3.00 for Special Needs
Dedicated special needs sessions 6-7pm every Wednesday.
Non walking babies & Adults go Free!
Discount: send a letter on headed paper to P.L.A.Y. in advance, then discount scheme is sent to charity. (Proof of charity number needed).


It is a big play area for kids and it has ropes to climb. And it has a café for Adults to sit and have a drink. It is a soft play area so kids do not hurt themselves.

How to get there:

Catch the train to Worthing and walk down to town centre until you reach Blockbusters at the corner of Stoke Abbot Road. Turn left and walk down the road until you see a sign over a door.

Extra Info:

Rumour has it that P.L.A.Y. is haunted!

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