Hangleton Library,
West Way,
BN3 8LD.
01273 296904




£3.00 a week for DVDS, £1.00 a week for CDs but much is free. Check their website for precise details.


Books, DVDs, computers, local history collection.

How to get there:

Catch the 5B bus from town, it stops over the road from the library. Or the 5 or 5A and walk down from The Grenadier.

Extra Info:

Little Hangleton is a fictitious Muggle village of significant importance. It enters the story of the Harry Potter books at several points, but is notable as the place of origin of Lord Voldemort's maternal and paternal ancestors, and as the place where he was restored to bodily form in Goblet of Fire. Although the village first appears in Goblet of Fire, the fourth volume in the series, it is not described until Half-Blood Prince, the sixth volume. The two are not related.

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