Drusillas Park,
East Sussex,
BN26 5QS.
01323 874100




Check the website, but you are looking at between £10 and £15


Drusillas claims to be 'no ordinary zoo' and judging by the list of things to do, they aren't kidding!

How to get there:

Drusillas is situated just off the A27 near Alfriston, approximately 6 miles from Eastbourne and 12 miles from Brighton. Despite numerous requests to the Highways Agency, there is a shortage of brown directional tourist signs, so please follow signs to Alfriston. They are located on Alfriston Road which is just off the A27.

Extra Info:

In the last few years, the zoo has increased its number of animal exhibits but still sticks to smaller animals - so no lions or tigers. They have a good range of primates including crested black macaques , brown capuchin monkeys and Lar gibbons. Other residents include; small cats called servals , African crested porcupines, the endangered Rodrigues fruit bats, Asian short claw otters, llamas, Humboldt penguins, parrots and flamingos, as well as Pet World, Bug World which features a busy colony of leaf cutter ants and a small farmyard to name but a few of the species.
There's a 'Zoolympics challenge' where children can compare their abilities (to drag, hang on, jump, shout, run and hold their breath) against a variety of animals and record them in a booklet given free at the entrance. There are also 'stamp books' that you can stamp using tick shaped stamps found around the enclosures.

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