Our Frequently Asked Questions for parents; please click on the title to read it.

We also have an FAQ for volunteering or you can always contact us.


  • What do the befriender and child do together?

    They might go to the park, swimming, play football, visit places of interest, bike ride, cook, garden, shop – whatever is agreed by them both to be an enjoyable use of their time.

  • Who monitors what the befrienders do?

    We supervise all our ‘matches’ closely particularly during the first year. We are strict about volunteers needing to report back to us regularly - at the beginning this is on a weekly basis. Although we aim to work in partnership, befrienders must accept our authority and bring any problems they have to us when they arise. We also keep in regular contact with you and like to know how the child feels about his / her friendship.

  • Will I have to pay towards the outings?

    There is no charge to parents for the service we offer. Volunteers may claim travel expenses and other costs and there is a small fund for special celebrations.

  • How do we decide which child to match with which befriender?

    We take into account interests, personality, family background and look for similarities between the child and the potential befriender. Your comments and your feelings are a crucial part of this ‘matching’ process.

  • Will the befriender come at a set time every week?

    It is up to parents to make their own arrangements with their child’s befriender. It’s really what suits both parties. So some may come on a regular day at a regular time and others may prefer a more flexible arrangement.

  • What about my other children - is there anything for them?

    We have regular outings and events where everyone comes along and has a good time. These include group picnics, country outings, theatre visits, craft days and sporting events. Usually one child is befriended in a family and then if that goes well and the other children are interested then we may look for befrienders for them as well.

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