FUN In Action is run by:
Russell Lerner: Project Manager

Details coming soon.

Management Committee Members

Anne Copeland - Company Chair

Skills: I’m passionate about the role of Non-Executive Directors in creating a better working environment, better organisations and ultimately, a better world. I’ve come to this belief during my career in both the private and public sectors, where I’ve been lucky enough to work for, and learn from, some of the best leaders and thinkers in modern organisations. I have substantial experience as a Director, Vice President and/or Board member, NED or Trustee in construction, global organisations such as GE, at the Cabinet Office, the Prime Minister’s Office, in other UK government departments including the Foreign Office, as well as in the voluntary and care sectors. These experiences taught me that putting people first, especially children, makes for a more caring society. Thanks to the inspiring people I have encountered in my life, I have been able to share their wisdom with the various organisations I serve. A lot of fun in my life comes from my beach hut and sharing my friends’ children and dogs!

Ralph Crane - Director/Trustee - Solicitor

Befriender Representative
Employment Sub-Committee

Skills: Practising solicitor, Long term befriender (10+ years)


Becky Donoher - Director/Trustee - Parent-voluntary worker

Fundraising Sub-Committee

Skills: Fundraising, Public speaking, Two sons befriended long term


Simonne Gnessen - Director/Trustee – Financial Advisor

Befriender Representative & DSO for Safeguarding Children

Skills: Financial Management, Current Befriender


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