Camilla Batmanghelidgh is one of the most renowned campaigners on poverty in the UK. She founded her own charity, 'Kids Company' in East London in 1996 aiming to help some of the city's neediest and most challenging children. Her work has been revolutionary earning her the title the 'Angel of Peckham' and admiration from politicians of all parties. Camilla delivered a fascinating talk at the Centre for Emotional Development in Brighton, an event held in conjunction with Fun in Action. Indeed we found that our work is remarkably similar in that it relies on the creation of stable relationships to make children feel safe and secure and able to overcome their problems. Not only were Fun delighted to receive the royalties from the event but we were even more pleased that Camilla was so keen to endorse our work! We would also like to thank Leslie Ironside for hosting the event.

Camilla Batmanghelidgh

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