We were blessed with beautiful weather for this year’s Easter Picnic. Attendance was great with 66 people attending including 34 children, 11 parents and grand parents, 19 befrienders as well as 2 staff members and 4 dogs.

Fun in Action provided a wholesome lunch of sandwiches, baked crisps, fruit, water and juice. This was complimented by homemade cakes and biscuits brought by befrienders, staff and families. There was a gorgeous display of foods laid out and everyone had plenty to eat with some families coming back to the buffet table again and again. Still there was food left over which was divided up and taken home by those families most in need.

The activities started with the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. All of the eggs found were put into one basket and one of the befriended children, Lolly, took pleasure in re-distributing the eggs to all of the children to ensure that everyone got an egg.

Next on the agenda were the Egg and Spoon Races. There were so many children wanting to take part in the races that we had to do 2 heats of each race. After the children had enough of Egg and Spoon Racing we did Three-Legged Races and Piggy Back Races encouraging the adults to participate. The races were enjoyed by all as could be told by everyone’s laughter.

This year we also had a Parachute at the picnic. Many of the children knew of particular games they wanted to play so the Parachute Games were entirely children lead. They taught us how to play ‘Washing Machine’, ‘Cat and Mouse’ and ‘Shark’.

Easter Picnic

After all the running around it was time for the Traditional Fun in Action Easter Piñata. This year it was stuffed with sweets, fluffy chicks and punching balloons. The older boys made short work of the piñata this year but everyone shared the treats that burst out making sure that the little children also got some sweets and balloons. The children really did excel at sharing and looking out for others at the picnic.

Aside from the organised activities, we had volunteers playing football and cricket with the children. There were also Frisbee games, games of catch and lots of ball throwing for the dogs who came to the picnic. The children really enjoyed the dogs and the dogs really enjoyed the children!

Overall the Picnic was a real success with many people commenting that it was one of the best Fun in Action get-togethers. There was an air of joy on the day with everyone really getting on well enjoying each other’s company.

‘This was the best day of my life’, Stefan, aged 9

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