Great news.... The "Fun in Action Super Heroes Befriending Project" has been successfully accepted by The Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme, and if we win, we could get a donation up to £4000.00!!!

We need everyone in the community - friends, families, befrienders, work colleagues - to vote for us by dropping tokens into the FIA Super Heroes Befriending Project counting boxes, during March and April. To vote, you need to purchase within one of the 10 Tesco stores around Brighton:

 6012  BRIGHTN QUEENS RD EXP BN1 3XF         Express
 2724  DROVEWAY HOVE EXPRESS BN3 6LE      Express
 2700  Hove BN3 2DL                                                Superstores
 2704  HOVE DENMARK VLLS EXP BN3 3TJ          Express
 2696  HOVE EXPRESS BN3 6NF                            Express
 5321  JUBILEE ST BRGHTN EXP BN1 1GE           Express
 3052  PORTSLADE METRO BN41 1GB                  Metro
 3461  WESTRN RD BRIGHTN EXP BN3 1JB          Express
 6576  WESTWAY HOVE EXP BN3 8LD                   Express
 3447  WOODINGDEAN EXPRESS BN2 6BB           Express

Please share as much as you can to help us win, this donation will make a big difference to our charity, will help support and strengthen the amazing work we do to improve children's lives within Brighton and the surrounding areas. Thank you.

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