Winner Fun in Action were invited along to the Dome on Sunday 21st January 2018 to attend the Brighton Argus Community Stars Award ceremony.

Thank you to whoever nominated us for the Award (we still don't know who it was!). We were surprised, and delighted, to be nominated for the 'Charity of the Year' Award. But then confused when we didn't get announced as one of the nominees in that category. It turned out that they put us in the 'Volunteer of the Award' category instead.

We were then incredibly excited when they announced that Fun in Action for Children won the 'Volunteer of the Year' Award in recognition of the work our volunteers do. All 7 of us who attended got up on stage to accept the Award and say a few words. Two of our befriendees were amongst the group and they made us very proud. It's a real honour and privilege to be recognised by the local community in this way and especially a recognition to our amazing volunteers who have such an important role to play in the lives of the children they befriend. So, a big thank you to all our volunteers. This Award is for you! 

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Click here to read about the Award ceremony in the Argus Newspaper on 22nd January. See the article below from today's Argus (24th January).




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