xmas party 2016 10On Saturday 17th December 2016 FUN in Action held their Christmas Party in Brighton at Al Duomo’s Restaurant followed by a performance of The Wizard of Oz at ‘The Little Theatre’ in Clarence Square. 52 attended, including befrienders, parents, all FUN trustees, staff and 26 children.

We met at Al Duomos for 12pm and had pizza followed by some very nice desserts. The staff at Al Duomos were very accommodating and gave us the full ground floor for our party, this meant that we could all relax and the kids could mingle freely and get to know each other without having to worry about being too formal or getting lost. The kids played really well with each other and there were plenty of ‘grown-ups’ on hand to make sure they were well looked after and the parents could have a well earned rest to enjoy their food.

We then all managed to make it through town on a busy Saturday up to the little theatre to watch the Wizard of Oz. FUN pretty much made up the entire audience which was useful when kids want to swap seats! :)

The Wizard of Oz was brilliant, the kids really enjoyed it and the costumes and performances were superb. All the children received a lovely present before they left the theatre to round off a great evening. Lots of parents and befrienders commented on the spirit of community which happens whenever the FUN crowd gets together and how special that feels, i think we all felt it on the night.

Thank you to all those who took part in and supported the evening. It was so much FUN.

The event was kindly funded by The Homity Trust and some excellent presents for all the children were donated by some very nice Christmas elves who wished to remain anonymous!

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