The party went ahead despite the threat of rain. Luckily it held off and the children were even able to play out for a while to burn off some of the effects of lunch before their meeting with Father Christmas and his elves.

We catered for 46 children and their parents and quite a few grandparents. The lovely people at Bupa donated some of the children’s presents and the party was funded overall by a grant from the generous Trustees of the local Homity Trust. We are very grateful for their kind support.

We started the day off with carol singers to get everyone in the mood. There was also a treasure hunt and then children enjoyed decorating shortbread biscuits to take home. This was followed by the very jolly Aaron, who entertained the children for an hour with his with jokes, tricks and general merriment. Then we had a buffet lunch with all the best Christmas fare including mince pies, sausage rolls and lovely cakes baked by some of our befrienders. Father Christmas joined us after lunch to complete the day. He and his elves handed out 43 individually chosen and wrapped Christmas presents, one for each child. Staff had checked with parents and carers beforehand to establish what each child might like and this prompted many of the children to exclaim in amazement “But how did he know?

Overall there was just such a lovely atmosphere and everyone, befrienders, staff trustees and parents pitched in to make it a party to remember. Our grateful thanks to them all. A quote from one extremely happy family gives a flavour of the day “Thank you for the most wonderful party. Jane and Teresa gave it a 10 out of 10 and I really enjoyed meeting up with the fun crowd, what a lovely bunch of people."

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