'It's better than we ever expected. We have gained a family'. Annual Survey reveals the deep impact of Fun's work

surveyFun in Action's annual 'Monitoring & Evaluation Survey 2013' once again details the powerful difference that our befrienders make in the lives of disadvantaged children in Brighton. Around 2/3rds of parents and children completed the survey. The headline figures reveal that well over 80% of children report improved relationships with others and expanded horizons and interests, with just under 80% of children and parents reporting improved progress at school.

Here are some of the comments from the children:

  • "Having a befriender makes me calmer and happy"
  • "Sally is always there for me. She talks to me if I have any problems".
  • "We get to go out in the sun, roller-skating and gardening".
  • "My befriender has taught me to be confident and stand up for myself. She is always encouraging and praising me for my hard work at school".
  • "I can go places now and do things I never could before - drawing, swimming and the piano."

And from the parents:

  • "My son is happy and positive after days out with his befriender and there is less sibling rivalry and fighting when he returns".
  • "He loves the one to one attention that he cannot have at home".
  • "Swimming, park, walking dog, making cakes, all new experiences and she is so delighted she comes home and talks to me all about it".
  • "We don't have a garden and I am severally disabled and mostly house bound so the only time my girls get to go outside is when their befrienders take them out"
  • "Since getting his befriender he seems more content at school".

The full report is available to read below.

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