'A privilege to be on the journey'. July 30th is the UN's International Day of Friendship. It seems a fitting time to reflect on what befriending means to our volunteers!

FriendshipIf you ever thought that befriending was just a one-way street then think again! Our 'Monitoring & Evaluation Survey 2013' reveals that our volunteers get just as much from their friendships as the children they befriend.

One of our befrienders said, "Being a befriender is never hard work for me. At the end of every meet up I feel fulfilled and love that I can help talk things through, advise and help when needed and create a lot of fun and laughter – it is the best medicine after all! I have always felt we were perfectly matched and I have been her friend for so long now that I forget that I am a volunteer – we're friends forever now and that is the biggest reward".

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer befriender with Fun in Action then please contact us!

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