This is what Phil has to say, a lone father of two befriended daughters. If Fun in Action sometimes struggles to get the recognition we think we deserve from major funders and the media there's no doubt that we get it in spades from the people that really matter!

A recent internal survey revealed that there is no doubt that the parents and children who use our service week in week out value what we do immensely. Here are some other quotes from our service users that might make you smile!

'Now I have a befriender I can enjoy my life'- Bariah, age 7
'Since having a befriender I don't get in trouble at school so much because he wouldn't like it'- Jamie, age 14
'I like her lady's ways'-Greg, 6 (befriended by a woman after his mother died)
'I make my befriender laugh and laugh, I am very funny'- Rosie. age 8
'My befriender and his partner now have a baby daughter and my teenage son is proudly her god parent'- Rhona, Leon's mum





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