We must be on Santa’s ‘Nice List’ this year because the snow melted just in time for our annual Christmas Party on Sunday December 5th at the Whitehawk Community Centre.

Each year the Brighton Steiner School donates their Christmas Fair greenery to Fun in Action to help turn the Youth Centre Hall into a Winter Wonderland for our Christmas Party. First thing in the morning the staff and a great team of volunteers came to decorate with the beautiful greenery and shiny decorations, transforming the hall in a 4 hour decorating jamboree.

At 1pm the guests starting to arrive, all 120 of them including 61 children, 24 parents and 35 befrienders. Fortunately our pizza arrived shortly after our guests arrived. A HUGE thank you goes to Ben from Dinner 2 Go who generously donated pizza to feed us all. We were so pleased when Ben and his family stayed for the party meeting our families and making a real connection.

After the pizza was devoured, Animal Magic set up and thrilled us all-children and adults alike, with their amazing animal display. We got to see a fluffy skunk eating his meal worms, a beautiful owl and Tinker- a cute Chihuahua, do some of her tricks. When it came to the handling part of the show the kids got into a quick queue to hold a snake and to stroke Tinker, some bunnies, guinea pigs, rats, mice and chickens. The brave held the Giant African Millipede who, when stretched out, measured 25 cm. A father and son Meerkat duo was the highlight for many of the children.


And of course a Christmas Party wouldn’t be complete without a visit from Father Christmas and his Elf helper. On the count of 3 all of the children shouted out ‘Santa, where are you?’ and sure enough Father Christmas himself appeared with his best Elf dragging in sacks of gifts for the children. Father Christmas called each child up to his grotto to receive their gift. One child was too shy to go so Father Christmas left his grotto and went into the crowd to hand deliver her present with a rousing cheer from the audience.

2010-12-25-xmas-party-1 2010-12-25-xmas-party-2


With presents under their arms, bellies full of food and smiles on their faces, the kids from Fun in Action went home to have sweet dreams of fluffy critters and the odd bug. This year’s party was a great success. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this year a party to remember.

Merry Christmas to all from Fun in Action and a Happy New Year!

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