A band night at the Hydrant over the summer, supported by Capital International, raised almost a £1,000 for Fun in Action.

The evening kicked off with a set from Fran Classic, a trio featuring two acoustic guitars plus beat box. The boys did a great job, but from the look of them, it was warm up there on stage. The next act, the Angry Pedro, fired the evening up with a high energy set. The boys delivered a blend of indie pop melodies, garage rock and anthemic riffs, so said lead singer John Fitzpatrick - whatever.


So, time for the headline act, the Barack Obamas. The core of the band are from a time of Opportunity knocks, Maggie Thatcher and the three day week, so it was always going to be old style rock, with maybe a hint of something which came out over the last decade. I’m a Believer merged into Mustang Sally followed by Robert Palmer’s Doctor Doctor. Vocals were supplied by Rory and Steve, both new to the business but doing a great job up front. It was loud and hot, very loud and very hot on stage. Are you gonna be my girl from Jet and Green Day’s American Idiot sated the younger audience’s appetite, with Born to be Wild and Spirit in the Sky keeping everyone happy. ZZ Top’s Tush (apparently American slang for keister, posterior, tooshie or derriere) saw Mike “Blind Lemon” Hurley on stage to demonstrate his silky skills on the harmonica. By now, the band were clearly drunk on the heady atmosphere as were most of the audience. A quick rendition of “I Predict a Riot” by the Kaiser Chief’s song and it was all over. Time for the encore! So it was straight into “Dust my Broom."


All in all the consensus seems to be it was a good evening. Many thanks to everyone who supported the event. A special thanks to Hazel for helping with the organisation, Rory, Steve, Mike and Simon for helping to create the Barack Obamas and to Fran Classic and The Angry Pedro for playing.

On a serious note, we raised £975 for Fun in Action, which was a great result.

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