We were so lucky to have great sunny weather for our Easter Picnic at Preston Park this year. The sunshine brought everyone out and we had 40 children attending this year’s picnic with their families and befrienders.

The food was plentiful and scrumptious with people bringing home made delights and store bought treats. Although we made a valiant effort to eat it all, there were still delicious leftovers which went home with those families most in need.

After lunch we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt but in a new location; the glorious recently restored walled garden behind the Manor House. Management Committee members and some older children snuck off to the garden early and hid eggs and chocolate bunnies. Once hidden, our herd of children galloped across the park to search for treats. The children scoured the gardens and found them all, collecting them in communal baskets. At the end of the hunt the children all took position in the grass and the eggs were tossed for everyone to catch.

To burn off some energy, we had heats of Egg and Spoon Races, 3 Legged Races and Piggy Back Races. The races were very popular with the children, especially because the prizes were big chocolate bunnies for the winners and Lindt chocolate eggs for runner’s up.

The children also played cricket, tag, frisbee, and blew bubbles. It was so lovely to see all of the children playing nicely together and enjoying the sun and each other’s company. Equally nice was seeing the parents and befrienders sitting back, chatting and relaxing while soaking up the sunshine.

After all the running around it was time for the traditional Fun in Action Easter Piñata. This year the Piñata was made by befriender Amanda and her best friend Tina. They fashioned a huge round Easter Chick with crepe paper feathers which was hung in a tree for the children to whack. The children were keen to burst it open and in the end it was one of the youngest at the picnic, little 4 year old Oliver, who brought it down with a mighty wallop. Again the children shared out the treats that fell.

The picnic was a real success and enjoyed by all. So much by some families that they stayed on after the picnic was over to carry on playing. It was a great event and there was a feeling of real cohesiveness throughout.

Happy Easter to all!


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