Chris writes....

Ralph and I had the pleasure of visiting St Christopher's School in Hove last month. The aim was to talk to the students about the work of Fun in Action and provide details of the fabulous work they do in supporting young people in Brighton and Hove. The talk was - I'm happy to say - a successful and enjoyable experience for all involved. The School has raised a generous sum of money for the Charity through their charming and imaginative events such as holding a "funny tie day". At the end of the talk the pupils were able to probe Ralph and me with questions about the charity and our personal experiences within it. We left the pupils with what I solidly believe to be a true representation of the good that occurs within Fun in Action and a wonderful sense of gratitude for the hard work they have undertaken in supporting our endeavour. I believe a huge thank you is owed to the staff and especially the students at St Christopher's for their sustained commitment and enthusiasm in support of Fun in Action.


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